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Fundraising Idea’s Saskatoon & Regina

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Costs & Potential Profits:

Every year the demand from organizations for our Quick Stop Frozen Perogies to use for fundraising purposes has been growing. A number of years ago it began with a club in located in Humboldt, now we supply our products to associations such as hockey, dance, soccer & schools in Saskatoon and Regina. Due to the quality of our ingredients (real cheddar cheese, real butter, for example) along with a traditional family dough recipe, associations have discovered that their customers not only buy our products, the majority come back for more each and every year! In addition to a returning customer, the % of profits for you fundraising endeavours are typically much higher compared to the more traditional items that are used to raise funds. Check out our costs and suggested selling price below, than do the math. Please give us a call with any questions you may have!

There are approximately 5 dozen perogies / 1.2 kg per bag. Each bag includes ingredient information.

Minimum purchase of 200 bags

Cost: $14.50 per bag x 200 bags = $2,900.00

Suggested Selling price: $20.00 per bag x 200 bags less cost = a profit of $1,100.00

The concept is simple – the more you sell the more you make!

We can help coach you towards preparing for the event.  For example, with a 200 bag purchase, this is only 20 people selling a total of approximately 10 bags each!   Most families have a camping cooler, so it is as easy as transporting from the delivery location direct to your freezers.

We offer our 3 most popular perogie fillings for fundraising purposes: Cheddar Cheese and Potato, Bacon and Potato, Dill and Potato.

There are delivery options.  Please give us a call and we can discuss quantities, delivery and all details.

Note: We need a 1 MONTH NOTICE before your required delivery date – all perogies are made fresh for each delivery.

If you believe our product can help your organization raise funds, please call Sharon for more information at 306-287-3672. Cellular Text/ call: 306-287-8433 or email at

Once we have spoken and confirmed, below is a link to our order form, simply download, print then email us your order.