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Frozen Perogies, Cabbage Rolls & Fundraising Ideas!

Quick Stop Diner opened at Watson, Saskatchewan in 2001.  The distinctive red barn Diner quickly become a popular food stop for those traveling by the junctions of Highways # 5 and #6.  In August 2021 Quick Stop Diner was recognized by CTV NEWS / Saskatoon as one of the top “15 Saskatchewan food secrets that could spark a road trip”!

The diner is located in an area populated by many people of Ukrainian heritage. Seeing this as an opportunity, the owners approached family “Baba’s” to help prepare traditional COTTAGE CHEESE perogies and offered them on the Diner’s menu.  Demand for their perogies grew and by 2010 the business began offering fresh frozen perogies to their customers so they could also enjoy them at home.

 CHEDDAR, DILL, SAUERKRAUT & POTATO, and BACON perogies are always popular choices!  But the chef has taken perogie making to the next level.  He has created tasty unique fillings such as; DILL PICKLE, PIZZA,  JALAPENO, CHEDDAR & BACON, FETA CHEESE & SPINACH, MUSHROOM, HOLIDAY (roast turkey) and PEPPER JACK for perogies. Only the freshest whole ingredients such as 100% butter, cheddar cheese off the block, potato, onion, garlic, dill, bacon, and sauerkraut are used in preparing Quick Stop perogies!   

 Quick Stop Diner’s perogies have become a great FUNDRAISING opportunity for many groups across the province. Hockey, volleyball, and lacrosse teams, dance clubs and school teams have been raising funds with the perogies sales since 2010!  Many groups have chosen Quick Stop perogies as their annual fundraising event!

 Support for local communities is a key value of the owners.   Where possible their food ingredients and business supplies are purchased locally.   Many community events and organizations such as The Legion, and fundraising for a new wing at the Quill Plains Centennial Lodge have benefited from Quick Stop Diner and Perogies donations.

 You can also find Quick Stop Diner’s perogies at Terry’s No Frills in Humboldt, Pitch Kitchen in Saskatoon, the Perogy Barn in Regina (on-line).

Quick Stop Diner and Perogies owners are Ron Leo and Sharon Soubolsky. They would be happy to discuss their products, fundraising and perogies wholesale options with you!!

Give us a call/text if you have any questions or to place an order:
PHONE: 306-287-3672 | OR TEXT 306-287-8433

Fundraising Perogies, Watson, Saskatchewan

The secret to our delicious perogies is many! Quick Stop Perogies are made with a traditional family recipe handed down from generation to generation.  Quality ingredients are used to create a “melt in your mouth” experience.  They guarantee a successful fundraiser!  One so delicious it keeps your customers coming back again and again.  Find out more here


  • “Great perogies and lots of different flavors to choose from folks – you won’t be disappointed. Try their cabbage rolls and wontons too”!

    Brian Button

  • “I was raised on the traditional perogies … cottage cheese potato and onion….and fully enjoy Quick Stop Diner’s traditional perogies. BUT… now I have a hard time choosing which new flavours to take home for supper! The pizza flavour is my top new choice followed by bacon, yet truth be told, I love them all”.

    Arlene Franko

  • My family loves them, always get our perogies there!! Mmm

    Dena Clothier