If you’re looking to raise funds for your school or organization we have the quality and taste that keeps customers coming back for years to come!

We began making perogies seven years ago to add to our restaurants’ menu located in Watson, Saskatchewan.

We used my grandmother’s dough recipe which was “famous” in our community, a delicious perogy the residents of our small community (and beyond) used to order and buy from my grandparents.

We use fresh ingredients,  such as 100% butter,  cheddar cheese from the block, no preservatives and a variety of tasty fillings.  The most popular fillings are cottage cheese and cheddar/potato.

At one point we were approached by a school who were looking to raise funds and wanted to know if we could meet their demands.  The answer was yes and we’ve never looked back!

Over the past four years,  we have supplied and helped a number of various clubs and schools raise funds with our delicious perogies.  Many of them come back for their next fundraiser as the orders only grow once people have had a chance to experience our “melt in your  mouth” perogies.

To see costs and potential profits concerning fundraising, follow this link! https://quickstopperogies.com/fundraising-ideas/